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Chairman Schiff on Russian Aggression Toward Ukraine

“For months, the Biden administration has been warning of a massive buildup of Russian forces along the border of Ukraine, and that a further Russian invasion of Ukraine would be devastating - causing untold human suffering among civilians. In addition, the administration has declassified information to reveal Putin’s planned deceptions, blunt his propaganda and disinformation, and seize the initiative away from the Russians.                                                                                                     
“The events of the past few days indicate that our worst fears about Russian intentions may be coming to fruition, with a steady increase in Russian-generated provocations and troops. Yet, there is time for Putin to choose a different course and take the diplomatic off-ramp the U.S. has offered.

“But make no mistake, the United States and our NATO allies will stand united in response to whatever comes — and with the Ukrainian people. If Putin further escalates this crisis and launches an invasion, we are prepared to respond with unprecedented measures that will devastate Putin’s regime, and support the Ukrainian people in defending their sovereignty and freedom.”