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Chairman Schiff on Russian Invasion of Ukraine

“Over the past few months, as Russia has built a large military force on the border of Ukraine, we have sought to prevent and deter an invasion. It is clear that despite our unified efforts with our allies and Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has chosen war. A massive Russian invasion of Ukraine has begun.

“As President Zelensky said this evening, the people of Ukraine want peace and the right to determine their own future. They will defend their homeland and their freedom from a foreign invader that has come to take it away.

“There can be no certainty about what will come next, but no matter what the next days and weeks bring, the United States will stand with the people of Ukraine - now and always. This begins by moving swiftly beyond the significant sanctions already announced by the Biden administration to fully cutting off Russia’s leading financial institutions from the global economy and ending Europe’s dependence on Russian oil and gas for good.

“History will show this war of choice to be a devastating strategic miscalculation by Putin, one that will give Russia no new security but will stiffen the resolve of NATO and democracies around the world.”