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Chairman Schiff on Sanctions Against Putin

“I applaud the Biden administration for joining our allies in imposing financial sanctions directly on Vladimir Putin and his inner circle. Though the United States has appropriately imposed broad and devastating sanctions that will impact all parts of Russia’s economy, the truth is the devastating invasion of Ukraine is the work of one man – Vladimir Putin – and he must not escape the consequences of his actions. Through his decades in power, Putin has amassed outrageous wealth, and I have long supported exposing his corruption for the Russian people, and the world, to see. While Putin is likely to have used numerous means to conceal and hide his assets, I am confident the United States will work diligently to unmask his deceptions.

“I continue to believe the United States and our global allies must take the most aggressive stance possible to hold Putin’s government responsible, especially as they extend their war to the Ukraine capital without regard for the civilian casualties they are causing.”