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Chairman Schiff on DOJ Charges Against Chinese Intelligence Officials

“Today’s charges from the Department of Justice are further evidence of what we’ve long known and suspected: The government of China wields state power, including its intelligence services, to support state-backed businesses, undermine the American justice system, and interfere with the rights of individuals living in the U.S.

“These latest egregious actions by the People’s Republic of China underscore the grave risk China continues to pose to our democracy and economy. Other countries should expect the same interference – or worse – unless the global community stands up to China’s malign influence. That is a fight the United States should lead.

“The House Intelligence Committee is closely following this threat to ensure there are no gaps in our criminal laws that would allow this conduct to go under-deterred. The Intelligence Community must continue to ferret out these secret operations targeting our homeland. Additionally, I plan to soon introduce legislation to amend U.S. code to criminalize transnational repression, ensuring recourse against countries that harass, silence, or harm individuals living within our borders and who deserve protection under our laws.”