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Schiff Statement on Cohen Guilty Plea

Washington, DC – Today, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the Ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, released the following statement:

“Today’s guilty plea obtained by the Special Counsel demonstrates that the President’s associates were willing to lie to Congress about the Trump Organization’s business interests in Russia. Significantly, they also make clear that the President’s own denials during the campaign were false or misleading. These false statements regarding the continued pursuit of a Moscow Trump Tower deal during much of the presidential campaign only underscore the importance of a thorough investigation into any financial entanglement between Trump and Russia.

“We examined the Moscow Trump Tower deal despite limited investigatory powers in the Minority. Today’s charges make clear that Cohen not only misled the House Intelligence Committee in the referenced August 28, 2017 statement but also during his October 24, 2017 testimony before our Committee. Mr. Cohen’s plea today also highlights concern over another issue – that we believe other witnesses were also untruthful before our committee.

“All these developments make clear the counterintelligence imperative for the House Intelligence Committee, in the new Congress, to continue to probe the Trump Organization’s financial links to Russia and determine whether the Russians sought financial leverage over Trump and his associates, or hold any such leverage today. In consultation with the Special Counsel, we will seek Cohen’s cooperation with our Committee, in order to uncover the true facts related to the Trump Organization’s business dealings and other issues left unresolved by his testimony.

“Now more than ever, the Special Counsel must be protected from any interference by Trump or acting Attorney General Whitaker. Our Committee, and the new House Majority, will use all of its powers to preserve the independence of our justice system and ensure that no one is above the law.”